About This Review Site

This website is a saucepan reviews blog, we find quality pan sets and then write our honest opinions about the items. We’ll take everything into account.

Price point is a big deciding factor for any online shopper, it’s true with saucepans too but in truth cooking equipment is a long term decision, which means pricing isn’t as important in comparison to other departments.

An important¬†job of the saucepan is to provide a consistent heat throughout it’s surface, cooking is a very precise art, so therefore when we’re reviewing these products this will be a huge factor within our rankings.

The handling of your saucepan is vital and one of the few negative points with expensive sets is their typically very heavy, we don’t buy saucepans to build our foreman strength, we’re interested in being able to transfer our pans without tearing our biceps.

In our opinion a contemporary saucepan set is a true sign of character within a person, if your kitchen boasts equipment of a clinical appearance, I will likely listen to what you say for a few seconds longer. If you can also cook, then I might even listen to you twice.


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