Le Creuset 3-Ply Stainless Steel Saucepan Set Review


If it’s the finest quality cooking equipment that you desire, Le Creuset are right up your street. Their focus on sourcing durable materials has stamped their brand name and even professional head chef’s use their prestige saucepan sets.

This pan set is visually trendy, yet somehow still delivers tasty perfectly cooked food.  One of the big problems with low grade pans is creating an even heat throughout the surface, however you won’t have that problem with these pans, their made with three layers of stainless steel which provides a consistent temperature.

Cooking food should be fun and your choice of saucepans will either make or break the experience, this set of Le Creuset pans include a number of helpful little touches such as level markers and easy to grip surfaces.


  • Multiple layered “3-ply” structure, containing both stainless steal and aluminium to guarantee both stability and reliable heat
  • Hoo-ray!  You can wash these pans in the dishwasher without causing any damage to the surface or cooking technology.
  • You get a 1, 2 and 3 litre pan within the set – so regardless of whether your cooking mash potatoes or warming up baby milk, these pans will cater for just about every requirement.

Even a child would notice the difference when handling these saucepans in comparison to cheaper alternatives from the local superstore, their clearly made with premium grade stainless steel. Your electric bill won’t sky rocket either, these items use engery effectively, nothing gets wasted because their so good at locking in heat.

The pans may be used on any grill or hob, but you can’t use them in the microwave. That’s not really anything to worry about, right? How many times have you stuck a saucepan in the microwave, once or twice? Amazingly, you can freeze the pans, you can actually place them directly into the freezer if you like, not that I would though!

Another nice little thing about these saucepans is that you can put them in the oven, it’s not every night you get to “twice cook” like Gordon Ramsay, but on the rare occasion your feeling “chefy” it’s great to know your saucepans won’t hold you back. Providing the oven is below 220 Celsius, take that pan and throw it into the oven without hesitation.

You get a lifetime guarantee with these pans, so if anything goes wrong just pick up the phone and call the Le Creuset customer support team. Obviously you won’t get a replacement if you did something dumb, like throwing the pans out of a window, but it really goes to show how confident the brand is, and that’s a fantastic sign when purchasing anything.

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